Readings for Cultivate Two Selves Project

The Straight James Franco Talks to the Gay James Franco
By James Franco on Dec 20, 2016 

Believer Magazine, Interview Miranda July 
“Everywhere I go, I’m more of a novice or an outsider than the other people in the field.”
- Miranda July
In this interview with Ross Simonini,  Miranda July talks about cultivation of two versions of herself - and how this works in her life and in her art.

Adaptation. (2002) - movie clip -  I highly recommend wathching this movie.  The screen play is by Charlie Kaufman.  Charlie Kaufman is also known for:
          Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
          Synecdoche, New York
          Being John Malkovich 
          Human Nature

A Late Night Theory of Post-Dance by Ana Vujanovic


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