Class Notes / Thursday September 7th 
Kalup Linzy & James Franco, That's Entertainment! | "New York Close Up" | Art21​
Linzy & Franco, Made For Each Other by Rachel Wolff
-Art can be more unplanned and less controlled - letting things unfold can be the method 
-Can collaborators have different intensions for the work - but the work still be successful?
The roles are complicated in this work, there is: 
artist / patron 
artist / student
fine art / Hollywood
a lot more money / less money
Hollywood fame / art world fame
autonomy / fame
different backgrounds
different heritage 

All of these differences create a tension and we seem to believe that someone is being taken advantage of . . . maybe both are very self aware and accept / enjoy how their collaboration operates.  Maybe nobody is being used in an unethical, unaware way.  Perhaps they both realize that the other brings to the work - and both want in.  Kalup Linzy is interested in fame and persona.  James Franco is interested in messing with the public perception of his persona - perhaps wanting to disrupt the idea of who a leading man can be.  They both work with ideas of identity and gender - yet for Kalup this is part of his life, for Franco, we can’t be sure what is happening and what he is really risking in making work that incorporates drag.  

The imbalance between Linzy and Franco may not be something that is happening between them - but there are imbalances that are imposed on them. Both of their personas are received differently by our culture. 

Is Franco imitating Linzy?

We discussed the different feeling that each of them gave us in the performance.  Kalup seeming more ernest and Franco playing up more of a satire. 

We questioned how this article is informed by the context in which we came upon it, art school.  Perhaps we would read the power dynamic differently if we had read the article in another context.  Context matters.

What does Franco have to loose?  Besides the money that he is spending, and a shift in how the public sees him, we had a hard time thinking of much.

What does Kalup have to loose? His whole art career, his autonomy.  While Franco continues to work on various other projects, Kalup seems to be running the enterprise of Kalup & Franco full-time.

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