Cultivate Two Selves- A Writing Project
Due the evening of Thursday September 14th
Submit a digital copy in PDF format to my email 

As we move forward into our self interviews - I’d like you to begin writing a conversation with yourself in an open unconstructed way - as we did during our class exercise.  Allow for the unexpected to occur. As you edit and revisit the self-interview process - know that this is just a conversation with yourself - an exercise to arrive at a new destination at how you might think of yourself and what you are allowed to make as an artist.  The content can be directly about your art, but can also be more personal or professional. Perhaps one version of you will be more idealized, or more embarrassing to you.  Perhaps one version of you will become extremely professional and take on a persona of interviewer, or perhaps one version will morph into an exploration of something that seems very outside yourself, something more constructed that involves a different back story or incorporates the drama of a movie setting, perhaps the other you lives on the moon, or in another country?  Maybe the other you is a spirit, from a past life. This could be almost like channeling another person (dead or alive).  All of these angles and more are open to you. 

I stress, start very open and non-critical of yourself - and go back later to revise - edit- and write more.  Begin in an intuitive manner and let your critical brain come into the project after your first draft , this is important.  

DUE Thursday September 14th -  a finished document at minimum 3 pages.  Some of you may go much longer.  


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